Please carefully review the commission information found in the menu bar and the terms and conditions below prior to contacting me about your project.  

By sending me your deposit, you have read and agreed to all of the information found on the website and your invoice: 

REFERENCE PHOTOS: I must confirm that the reference photos you supply are not too dark, the pet is not obstructed, and that the photos are not grainy or blurry. If they do not meet this criteria, I can not draw the portrait.

TIMELINE: I will provide an estimated completion date in your customized invoice and make every attempt to finish the artwork by the agreed upon date.  In the rare event of an emergency, you will be notified as soon as a delay has occurred. You will be discounted 20% of the price if the artwork is not finished by the completion date due to a delay on my part. Multiple revision requests or delays or failure to correspond regarding proofs/revisions on your part will also result in altering the completion date.  (See below)


Revisions: Satisfying the customer is of utmost importance but there are limits to what I can alter at your request.  I will only make revisions that are within the confines of the existing style and materials.  I will send three progress photos of the art toward the beginning, middle and end of the project. Up to three minor adjustments/revisions are offered free of charge.  (Minor as defined by slight changes in colors or shapes). Some revisions at late stages of the project may not be possible without compromising the quality of the work or completely starting over, and major revisions can not be accommodated once the work has begun.  (Major as defined by changing just the torso of the pet to the whole body, adding an additional pet, etc.) I charge an additional $25 for any additional revision up to a total of five.  The completion date may need to be changed depending on the revisions, in which case you will be notified.  If you are not happy with something, please speak up and let me know sooner rather than later.

Communication:  You must respond to emails/texts regarding proofs and revisions in a timely manner (3 business days). If you have not responded within that time, I will send a follow-up email. If there is still no response, I reserve the right to postpone the project until I receive a response, which will delay the completion of the project.  Although the occurrences are rare, I also reserve the right to cancel the project if a failure to respond in a timely manner occurs multiple times in the course of the project that causes significant delays.  I will retain the artwork and the 50% deposit.

Privacy Policy:  I take your privacy seriously and will not sell, distribute, or lease your personal information to third parties.  I will only use your email address/phone number for the purpose of correspondence related to the project.  With your permission only, I will add your email address to my subscription list so that I can send you occasional newsletters; however, you can unsubscribe at anytime.

CANCELLATIONS:   Your satisfaction is my goal.  However, if you wish to cancel your commission, you must provide a request in writing.   If your order is cancelled before work begins or materials are purchased, I will return your deposit.  If it is cancelled after the work begins, I will keep the deposit and the art. 

COPYRIGHT: The artist retains all copyright of the produced artwork. You have permission to share the work publicly and display it for private use, but any reproduction of the work that will be used for profit or commercial uses is strictly prohibited unless approved by me in writing. Failing to do so is a crime and may result in legal action. 


Social media sharing and other public sharing of artwork are vital for marketing purposes of an artist. This includes, but is not limited to, artwork potentially being displayed on social media accounts, website, web and print advertisements and brochures, business documents and in the studio. You consent to completed work, as well as reference photos, being used for these purposes. 

If you do not want your commissioned artwork on social media for privacy reasons please inform me at the start of the project. 

I will agree to place a hold on sharing the artwork depending on your plans (i.e. gifts) until the agreed upon time.

When you share the work publicly, you agree to give me credit though clear and visible labeling, tagging or verbal acknowledgement. If you share it multiple times in one place, one initial credit is sufficient for remaining displays. (For example, if you post the art on Instagram multiple times, it is only necessary to tag me once in the first instance). 

MATERIALS:  I use professional, artist grade quality pastels/colored pencils for each pet portrait. The art should not fade or yellow under the proper conditions. Please be aware that pastels are like paint that never dries and can easily smudge.  If your art is damaged at any time after it is received, it is not my responsibility.  I will provide care instructions when I deliver or ship the art, and it is up to you to follow the recommended guidelines.

SHIPPING:  I will ship your commission directly to you with a tracking number and insurance. If you would like your artwork shipped to a different location please indicate that in your initial correspondence with me.  The artwork is shipped within 1-3 business days from completion and will be carefully packaged to prevent damage. I am not responsible for any damage during transit.  The insurance covers lost or damaged packages. To file an insurance claim, you can visit and register for an account online. You must have the item’s tracking or label number to start the process. 

TAXES/FEES:  Any taxes or other costs are soley your responsibility.