31 Jul
Jasper and a Busy July

July was a busy month!  I completed another pet portrait of this fluffy boy named Jasper.  I used soft pastel sticks and pastel pencils on Legion Stonehenge paper.  This is the third portrait I've done on Stonehenge, and I love the crisp look I can achieve.  (Even though this is a furry cat!)  When I use Pastelmat, I find my projects to have a slightly fuzzy or blurred look.  However, Stonehenge doesn't take as many layers and backgrounds, for example, don't have that thick, velvety look.  There are always pros and cons to everything!  I am still on the quest to find a perfect combination!

I also taught a three part intermediate class at a local art and upcycle shop called Creative Junk Therapy.  I also show and sell my work there.  The reference for the project was sunglasses on a beach towel, and my students did such an excellent job!

I also finished a couple of other quick projects.  I wanted to experiment with fixative on this rooster.  I used colored pencils and pastels and sprayed it with Spectra Fix, which is odorless and non toxic.  I was pleasantly surprised that it didn't darken the colors and it did a good job keeping the pastels from smudging.  I put it in a fine mist spray bottle to prevent big droplets from ruining the art.

Last but not least, I drew these oranges from a reference photo I've always liked because of the lighting.  I used colored pencils for the oranges and leaves and and Pan Pastels for the shadows and background.   I can't seem to get the scan to replicate the original accurately, but I am not entirely pleased with original either.  The subject really popped before I added the background, and now it all sort of blends in together.  I may see if I can tweak it, or I may just leave it and move on.

I am currently working on a regular portrait (of a person) and can't wait to share when I'm finished in my next blog and newsletter.

Until Next Time!

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