01 Aug
My First Pet Portrait Commission

Meet Jack.  

When I first started drawing, several people asked me for pet portrait commissions but I always declined.  For one thing, I did not have time since colored pencil is very time consuming and I have a full time job.  Also, I developed tendinitis, so I had to take a break from larger colored pencil drawings.  But then I learned how to work with pastels which are faster and less physically taxing.  So when my friend asked me to draw her dog this summer, I agreed to do it.  I had time because I was on vacation, and I decided I could use it as practice for future commissions. I used pastels sticks and pastel pencils on UART sanded paper.  I also used Neocolor 2 water soluble wax pastels for the background.  I loved the combination of materials.  It was a good learning experience, and I hope to do more pet portraits in the future!

Until Next Time!

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