22 Nov
Model from Brazil

Here is my latest portrait, and I'm so pleased with the way this one turned out!  One of the challenges of being an artist is finding reference photos that are copyright free. It's hard to find subjects for portraits besides family members, but I found this interesting photo of a Brazilian model. I thought the lighting and angle of his face was unique and interesting, and it was a lot of fun to draw. I used soft pastels and pastel pencils for this project.

I always say that the combination of materials makes a difference when creating art.  This portrait has a different "look" to it than the previous one I did of my husband and that is because of the paper I used.  The one of was drawn on Canson Mi-Teintes paper which is cotton and the previous one was drawn on UArt 500 which is sanded paper.  The sanded paper makes the pastels look a little more like gouache, which is a type of paint.  The pastels look a little more chalky on the cotton paper.  It is always important to choose your materials carefully depending on the look you want to achieve.

Until Next time!

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